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6th Grade Promotion Ceremony
We would like to announce the 6th grade promotion dates for the Class of 2014. Promotion dates will be June 17th and 18th. Letters with specific details will be distributed to 6th grade parents on April 21st.
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Please be advised that the Stafford TownshipBoard of Education Policy #5120 states that “The building principal shallassign students in his/her school to appropriate grades, classes, or groups.”

Parent/Guardian input is alwayswelcome.  The Stafford Township School District makes every effort tobalance our classes in terms of ability, gender, number of students in a class,and many other criteria - which often makes it difficult to honorparent/guardian requests.  If you have specific concerns about theplacement of your child, or have specific information that will help us make anappropriate placement for your child, please feel free to send that informationto the building principal.

If you wish to have one teacher removed fromconsideration, such wishes will usually be honored, provided that appropriate reasons/justification/rationale is well documented and included with the correspondence.

All pertinent information must be submitted to the building principal by May 15th.  Any information received after that date will not be considered.


Thank you for your cooperation.

2014 Best Communities for Music Education

Stafford is 1 out of 376 Districts nationwide that received the 2014 Best Communities for Music Education designation as part of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM),  Best Communities for Music Education Program!


~Mr. Wilkinson, Principal





School Announcements

  • We are proud to announce the Intermediate School Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Kristi Deren
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  • As a reminder, if you are planning on picking up your child, please send your child with a note stating the time of the pickup. If you have to pick up your child unexpectedly after he/she has left for school, we ask that you call the greeter at least a half hour prior to dismissal. This allows us to make dismissal a smooth process and help ensure the safety of all of our students.
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