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A note to parents & guardians...

Teaching Our Children to Think

In life, children are going to encounter challenges.  They may include issues with time management, conflicts with peers, or a problem with homework.  As parents and educators, we have a choice----should we teach our children how to think, or should we tell them what to do?  When your child comes to you for help in solving a problem, you can use these basic concepts to help them arrive at their own solution.

When they say: “I can’t figure out this math problem.”

You can help by:

       Discussing the steps they learned in class

       Encouraging them to look back at their notes or book

       Having them call a friend for help

When they say:  “A kid at school picked on me."

You can help by:

       Discussing how your child responded and ask if they

      thought it was a good response

       Talking through some other appropriate responses

       Role-playing those other responses

When they say:  “I have too much to do."

You can help by:

       Helping your child create a calendar of activities

       Helping your child add long-term projects to the

       calendar and creating a timeline to complete each step

       Discussing activities and helping your child make

       choices about optional activities

These are just some ideas of how to help your child deal with everyday situations and help them learn to think on their own and become their own problem solver.  Together as parents and educators, we can build better thinkers who will grow up to be the world’s next generation of problem solvers.
Mrs. Hoffman






School Announcements

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Kerry Eck'Art... this year’s McKinley Avenue School’s Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Eck'Art is a fourth grade teacher who exemplifies the kind of educator who makes it her personal mission to help her students become the best readers, writers, and mathematicans they can be. Her dedication to our school is truly appreciated by all!

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  • Spirit WeekMonday, April 7th - "Dress Your Best Day"Tuesday, April 8th - "Mis-Match Madness"Wednesday, April 9th - "Favorite Team Day"Thursday, April 10th - "School Spirit Day"Friday, April 11th - "Red, White, & Blue Day"
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  • Please be advised that our students routinely participate in outdoor activities when the temperature is above 32 degrees. As weather permits, please be aware that our students will continue to go outside for recess and other activities. Please make sure that your child comes to school prepared for these activities with the appropriate cold weather clothing.
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  • Families who choose to provide their own transportation are reminded to not enter the front loop to drop off students before 7:50 am (a few busses are scheduled to use that lane prior to 7:50 am).  Parents who choose to walk their children into the building are reminded that they must park their cars in the parking lot.  Do not park cars at any time in the front loop; the front loop is a fire lane. 
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  • A tasty and nutritious selection of breakfast and lunch items is available on a daily basis!  Applications for free or reduced lunch for your child are available in the main office for families who have recently experienced a change in financial status. If your family qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program, please remember that breakfast is also included in the program! 

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