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 Spring Up-coming Events
End of Year Show at STAC - June 3
Field Day / Family Picnic Day  - June 12 - 15 
Last Day of School - Early Dismissal - June 20 
school house
2016 - 2017 SCHOOL YEAR!
 Stop by the Primary Learning Center and
pick up a registration packet.  If you have
any questions, please give us a call
at 609.978.5700 x1350.
Kindergarten students must be age 5 by October 1, 2016. 
 Congratulations to Ms. VanSciver  
Teacher of the Year
We are all very proud of you and appreciate the wonderful things you do!!! 
Can We Read for 1,000,000 minutes?
The entire building has been challenged to collectively try to read for 1,000,000 minutes!  Our self-selected reading time is your child's independent reading program.  Students read at their "just right" reading level for at least 10 minutes in school; and at least 10 minutes at home each day.  Students track each increment of 10 minutes on their personal log sheet.  Our goal is to develop your child's knowledge as a reader across genres of literature, as well as his/her ability to strategically read.  Classes will begin sending books home during the month of December.  So far the PLC educational community has read for 821,957 minutes.
Remember, the more time your child spend reading, the better reader he/she will become!
 Mr. Krushinski, Principal
Talking at Mealtime Makes Better Readers
According to a recent study, mealtimes are one of the best times to talk to your child.  And that's important!  When you talk with your child you are helping him/her practice oral (spoken) language skills.  These oral language skills will help your child develop into a strong reader. It is important for young readers to hear lots of new words at home.  Children who hear lots of new words are more likely to build strong language skills.  Hearing lots of new words helps them learn how to figure out what those words mean from the way they are used in conversation.  The researchers also say talking with your child about thoughts and ideas is just as important.  Remember, talking about the pictures in a book and what the words mean is always a good idea.
Important Student Pick Up Procedures
*   For safety purposes, we encourage parents to not pick up their child(ren) between the hours of 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm unless it is for an emergency only.
We encourage you to utilize our bus transportation.
*  Please send a note in with your child stating that you will be picking him/her up at dismissal.  
*  Parents are to park in our parking lot and come into the building where you will be asked to show proper identification prior to your student being dismissed.
*  If a note is not sent in, please be sure to call the main office at 978.5700 x1350 prior to 3:00 pm (prior to 12:30 pm early dismissal days) informing us.  Do not call or email your child's teacher.


HIB Personnel
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator - David Ytreboe
PLC Anti-Bullying Specialist - Sarah Ewen x1178

School Announcements

    Check your child's teacher's web
    page every week for important
    schedules and information.

    Lunch purchases must be prepaid. 
    For more information call

    978-5700 x 1151.


    Carline is available from 8:55 - 9:05

    every morning.


    Be sure to go through your child’s
    backpack each night.


    Label your child’s belongings.


    Read with your child every night.


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