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Stafford Township School District

Building a Better World, One Student at a Time

We believe that all children can learn and succeed.  Recognizing that children learn in different ways, our instructional approach utilizes a variety of strategies with the same core content.  We have developed an elementary curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Standards and helps students to develop the ability to learn and become independent thinkers. 


The goal of the Stafford Township School District is to prepare our students to be successful and productive citizens in our rapidly changing 21st Century world.  To be successful, students will need to be good at communicating, collaborating with peers, thinking critically, problem solving, and creating new ideas. 


Our website is designed to provide information to help the community better understand the work we are doing to guide and support our students toward meeting this goal.  At its best, education is a partnership between home, school and community.  By working together, we can help our children become responsible, healthy, and successful citizens of the world.

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