Ronald L. Meinders Primary Learning Center

*Know the basic colors
*Identify and draw basic shapes
 *Identify and extend patterns
 *Sort and classify objects
 *Practice counting orally to 100
*Make and count a set to 10
*Recognize and write numbers to 20
(in and out of sequence)

*Read with your child every night for 10 minutes
*Practice "power words"
*How to properly handle books
*Parts of a book (front, back, spine and title page)
*Function of a book
*Tracking left to right and top to bottom
*Recognize spacing between words
*Know what an author and illustrator do
*Look at pictures for clues
*Match oral words to the printed words
*Identifies uppercase and lowercase letters
*Applies consonant  sounds taught
*Listens and retells stories

Sight Words 
First marking period mastered sight words
a       I      the      go      is      to