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April 21  
We had a great spring party thanks to Kate, Kealia, and Kyle's moms!  I hope you had a nice break, and everyone is healthy! There were several children sick with flu symptoms and fevers; please follow the school policy and be sure your child is fever free for 24 hours before coming back to school.  Often when they come back too soon, they get sick again, and spread the germs to others.  
Report cards are going home today, Monday.  Please sign and return the envelope for the last time; there is an extra line on the envelope as the "I Can" wasn't sent a month ago.  I am pleased with the academic progress many children have made. Notice on the report card the final skills that will be graded; these are all areas that we have been teaching, and should be mastered by June.  
This week is Uu week; Ms. U has an unusual umbrella.  Our Uu book sentence is: He is ____.  Our word wall words are: and (which we did months ago) and there. Our robust vocabulary words are: hollow, scurry, watchful, defend, cling, ravenous. We continue working on blends and many of the children hear them, but only a few can use them in their journals.
In math, we review counting and counting backwards from 20, learn the name and value of the quarter, work on oral number stories, bundles of 10's & 1's and complete a listening game which is visually challenging and shows fine motor skills.  The children will have to complete a shape to look like the one in the box, by adding the missing parts.
In science, we learn about recycling; and we have a weekly reader about Earth Day which is Tuesday.  We will also write about what we can do to help our earth.  On Friday morning we have an Arbor Day show put on by some other classes; The Great Kapok Tree.  I will read the story to the children prior; it's about the animals in the rain forest who depend on the tree.
Our WriteOn! schedule will now be more flexible with so many "must do" assignments this last marking period.  Although parent volunteers were wonderful with helping the children stretch words and underwriting, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Samuel and I will complete it on our own now.  We have many "must do" assignments where parents shouldn't help. We would not of come so far without all your help though, thank you! 
There is no more extra help provided on Wednesday mornings at 8:15.
Wyatt will have lunch with Mr. K on Wednesday.
Reminder, next Wednesday, April 30 will be a half day of school with a 1:00 dismissal.
On Friday, May 2, is our trip to Insectropolis; there are 3 days of this trip, several classes each day.  A few children did not return their permission slips yet.  Mrs. Falkowski, Mrs. Llave, and Mrs. Rosshirt are the parents accompanying us on the bus and inside the museum as well.  It is a very safe, wonderful learning environment.  The children do not need to bring anything other than their lunch (no glass bottles) in their lunch box, wear sneakers and dress for the weather.  You may meet us at Veteran's Park in Bayville about 11:45, but I think it will be a little later than that.  We will use the bathrooms at Insectropolis and then eat first once we get to the park.  Then we will play on the equipment with lots of parental supervision!!  I want you to move around, you must help me keep a safe watch on the children, and speak to any child who is not being safe.  There is a lot of high equipment, a rock wall and swings.  The children will run and climb and explore the area which is permitted.  Report any injuries to me ASAP. You are not allowed to smoke nor can you take your child home with you.  In the event of rain, lunch will be eaten at the school and we wouldn't go to the park.  For those of you who don't know where the park is: parkway N to exit 77.  Make a right at the light, pass CRHS on the right, and the park is just past the HS on the right.  Park near the pavilion.  It would help if you would either send me a note or email that you plan on coming so I know who to expect.  Children will be back on the bus at 1:00, and go home at regular dismissal time.
The Q & U wedding will be held on Friday, May 9 in the afternoon.  The event will be hosted by: Mrs. Dawn Smith, Mrs. Rosshirt, Mrs. Spina, and Mrs. Falkowski.  The children are expected to wear their best clothes to this fancy affair, and are expected to use their best manners just like when attending a real wedding.  Some girls even wear flower girl dresses from real weddings!   We will learn many dances that help us to enjoy the celebration in the gym: twist, limbo, YMCA, electric slide, alley cat, hokey pokey.  The receptions, complete with wedding cake and punch will then take place in each classroom. 
We are also working on our end of the year show already.  We have many songs to learn, then come May we will practice with our hallway friends. The end of year show is on Friday, June 6 at 11:30 at STAC.  All are welcome to attend, there is no assigned seating and the final awards assembly will be at the end of the show.
I haven't been given any information yet as to how we are having our end of the year picnics/field day activities.