Ocean Acres Elementary School


It is my pleasure to welcome everyone back to the start of a new school year. I hope you had a wonderful summer break full of relaxation and family time. A special welcome to our new families! You will find that Ocean Acres is a place full of amazing and hardworking families, students, teachers, and staff. 

The teachers and staff have been gearing up and are ready to work in partnership with you to help your children grow, learn, and have fun!  As we move forward this year, be prepared to see classrooms in which students learn skills and concepts to build their background knowledge, and then extend their learning through application, collaborative group work, exploration, and inquiry. Students will continue to explain their thinking and understanding orally and in writing, while teachers continue to support all students’ academic and personal growth.

Please be aware that our school hours have changed.  School will start at 8:45 am and end at 3:20 pm.  Students entering the building after 8:55 am will be considered late and will be noted in their attendance record. Early dismissal hours are 8:45 am – 12:45 pm and delayed opening hours are 10:45 am – 3:20 pm. 

Please help ensure your child’s success by providing a nutritious breakfast and establishing a consistent bedtime routine. Ask your children to share what they are learning in school each day. Read to and with your child every day. 

Thank you for helping us ensure the success of all our students!

For families that will be dropping off/picking up students at the school, please note the following: 
Daily Arrival Procedures:
There is a carline starting at 8:40 am daily. 
Do not park cars at any time along the sidewalk as this is the carline drop area. Please pull up as far as possible and staff will be there to assist in letting students out of a few cars at a time. 
arent(s)/Guardian(s) who choose to walk their child into the building are reminded that they must park their car in the parking lot.
All students will remain in the main foyer until 8:45 am. 
Daily Dismissal Procedures:
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are reminded to park in the parking lot and not along the sidewalk.
Students being picked up will be dismissed from the main foyer area.  
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be admitted into the building through the main door at 3:15 pm.  Students being picked up will be dismissed from their classrooms at the end of the day at 3:20 pm. 
Upon showing school personnel proper identification (i.e. photo ID), students will be released.  
  • For safety purposes, if you are picking up your child at dismissal time, please anticipate approximately a five to ten minute delay.  Students will not be available for pick up between 2:50 pm and 3:20 pm.   We encourage utilization of transportation. 
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