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Monkey Business!!!!
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Week of February 23rd - 27th

Theme: Friendship                   Letter:Bb

*****Although work may not go home every day, your child is very hard at work!*****
I can't believe how quickly 6 months went by!!!  Friday will be my last day with these little monkeys.  I won't be far away though, I'll be across the hall in Room 18 so be sure to stop and say hello!  I have loved every minute of the past 6 months and getting to know your precious children!
Welcome Back MRS. BOETA!!!


 This week we will:

*Introduce the letter Bb!!
*Finish the friendship theme
*Make projects incorporating the letter and theme!
*Sensory play with seasonal items (hearts, snow, snowflakes, snowpeople etc.)

A few notes:

*Miss Mary, Miss Lena, Miss Ivette and Miss Robin are our classroom assistants.
*PLEASE send in extra clothing for your child (including socks) in a bag with name.
*Your child will need 2 snacks/3 drinks and a lunch or lunch $ daily.

Have a great week!


Classroom WISH LIST:

These are items we use quite frequently! Any donations are greatly appreciated!

DISINFECTANT WIPES!!!!!!!! – paper plates (big/small) – Ziploc bags (various sizes) – dry beans – clothespins – seasonal foam stickers – hard foam poster board – ping pong balls – foam letters/numbers/animals – cotton balls –  plastic spoons/forks – playdoh – painters tape