Oxycocus School

December/Holidays  Please refer to the December Newsletter for more dates and details!
Welcome our special teacher assistants:
Mrs. Janice O'Brien
Ms. Jane Giordano (am)
Ms. Cindy Stewart (pm)
  Weekly Specials are :
Monday  Library & Social Skills   
Tuesday  Computers & Gym   
Wednesday Gym & Library 
Thursday Art, Group Speech, & Gym   
Friday     Gym
Theme:  Holidays         Letters G, S,  
Concept: In/out
Category: Body Parts
Nursery Rhymes:  Humpty Dumpty  Tuesday Time for a Nursery Rhyme
Please read to your preschooler each day or let them read to you.  Talk about the concepts, categories, and alphabet letters.  Please review and play simple "I Spy" games to help them retain skills learned.  Please continue to make time to review and complete speech lessons as well. 
Thank you again for all your continued support at home. :)