Ronald L. Meinders Primary Learning Center

Curriculum year in review being worked on during the summer 2013. Updated 7/18 

These are most of the significant concepts taught throughout the kindergarten year 2013-2014.

Math games online can be accessed once I give you your child's password:
First and Third Quarters Progress Report
Important things to know: first and last name, address, phone number, age, birthday, fine motor skills: holding crayon or pencil, color within a form, cut on a line, use glue properly, tie shoes, zip a zipper, button coat, take care of belongings, sit properly, walk in a line, take turns, ask for help, follow directions

1st Marking Period

Letters and sounds: Ss, Mm, Rr, Tt, Nn, Pp, Cc, Aa 

Reading words: I, a, my, the, go, is, at, an (words in bold each marking period are for mastery)

Able to understand basic print concepts: handling of a book, left to right sequence, letters put together make a word, spaces are between words, sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period.

Our WriteOn! journal writing begins with wherever your child is in his/her development. We draw and then write about our drawing daily beginning at the end of September. Children make significant growth in the writing process, and parent volunteers are always needed. You'll have the opportunity to sign up and be a part of my schedule.

Math concepts: numbers 0-10: identify and write, but count correct amount to 5, draw and recognize shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, trapezoid, rhombus (diamond); colors, sizes, directional words, patterns, sorts and classify objects
Themes: school community, all about me, colors, making friends, feelings/manners/self respect, ABC preview, seasons/autumn, weather, bus & fire safety, community helpers, senses, neigborhoods, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day 

2nd Marking Period

Letters and sounds:  Dd, Ii, Gg, Ff, Bb, Kk,

Reading words: is, at, an, to, he, like, where, me, this, here, come, do, for, saw, it, am, if, in, on, can, all, got

Basic chunks: -am, -at, -ap, -an, -ad, -ip, -it, -in, -id, -ig, -ing, -ix 

Math concepts: numbers 0-20: identify and write, but count correct amount to 10

Themes: Thanksgiving, holidays around the world and traditions, New Years, globe skills, neighborhoods, winter/hibernation, Martin Luther King & tolerance, healthy bodies, fitness, country study for International Day; my country is France, light, migration 

3rd Marking Period

Letters and sounds: Oo, Ll, Hh, Ww, Xx, Ee, Vv, Jj, Yy, Zz

Reading words: it, you, one, saw, am, look, if, in, on, can, see, we, all, what, two, good, she, they, up, got, down, are, want, who, out, was, no, yes, had, his, her, of.  Able to recognize and make rhyming words; apply vowel sounds

Basic chunks: -ot, -op, -og, -ob, -ox, -ed, -en, -et, -eg, -ut, -un, -ug, -up

Math concepts: numbers 20-50: identify and write, but count correct amount to 20; counts to 100 by 1's, skip counts by 2's (to 10), 5's (to 50) & 10's (to 100); tells time to the hour

Science: recycling; water resources and uses; natural resources in products

Themes:   Ground Hog's Day, weather/shadows, Valentine's Day, dental health, germs, 100th day of school, President's Day, Chinese New Year, Dr. Seuss Day, x-rays, dinosaurs & extinction, St. Patrick's Day, living/nonliving, life cycles 

4th Marking Period

Letters and Sounds: Uu, Qq

Reading words: was, and, there, of, give, little, said, have, her, that, but, had, his, no, yes, him, will

Exposure words: they, were, then, made, how, when, some, live, went, with.   Able to use a variety of strategies when figuring out unknown words and reading simple text with fluency.

Math concepts: numbers 50-100: identify and write, and count correct amount to 30; addition and subtraction to 5; skip counts by 2's (to 10), 5's (to 100) & 10's (to 100); recognize coins and their value: 1, 5, 10, & 25 cent; counts backwards from 20.

Themes: Arbor Day, Earth Day,recycling, solar system, Easter, life cycles, spring, plants/garden, insects, animals, farm, transportation, ocean, pirates, Memorial Day, drugs/strange danger, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, summer safety

Grading for report cards: PLC
Practically Perfect
Learning this Skill
Can Use More Time