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  Make A Difference Day
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October Reminders...

  • In anticipation of the construction process at Door #1, please remember to use Door #27 to enter the building
  • Anti-Bullying/Respect Week-October 6-10
  • Fire Safety Week-October 6-10
  • Make a Difference Day Walkathon-October 24 (Information will be sent home with students on 10-15)
  • School Pictures-October 28-29
  • McKinley Halloween Parade-October 31 at 10 am

 (From the National Association of Elementary School Principals)

Start off the new school year right…

Students need to be in school every day to stay on track.  Teachers’ lesson plans are carefully constructed to introduce new concepts, reinforce them with learning activities, and then move on to new skills and ideas. When children aren’t in school, they fall behind. And the more days they miss, the harder it is to catch up. That’s where you come in.

Report In.

Schools are required to track attendance of every child in every classroom every day. It is essential that you always contact the school if your child is going to be late for class, will need an early dismissal, or will be absent.

Get the Work.

When you know ahead of time your child will be missing class, give the teachers plenty of notice so they can provide your child with makeup work to do. Be sure that your child follows through—you’ll need to be his or her “teacher” on those days, so be available to explain concepts or monitor the work. 

Religious Absences.

It is inevitable that some families’ important religious observances will fall on school days. Let your children’s teachers know early in the year precisely which days your children will not be attending or will need to leave early.

How Sick Is Too Sick?

It’s impossible to say categorically when a child should go to school or stay home. However, one typical guideline is that a child is usually fine to attend school if his or her fever is under 100° and there is no rash, “pink eye,” nausea, or diarrhea. The decision to keep a child home from school is best made between you and your child’s health care provider. If the doctor or nurse recommends that your child stay home, find out exactly how long and on what conditions he or she can return to class (e.g., after 24 hours of antibiotics).

Vacation Plans.

It’s tempting to pull your kids from school for a family trip, but it’s a bad idea. Why? First, it gives your children the impression that their schooling is not your top priority. And when they miss class work, even if you ask for make-up work to be sent home ahead of time, they can fall behind because they’re missing many hours of instructional time each day. Instead of thinking of how you can miss the crowds by taking trips during the school year, think about what it could be costing your child in the long run.

Check Those Appointments.

Schedule your kids’ doctor and dental appointments for after-school or weekend hours unless there’s an emergency. Schedule your children’s twice-yearly dental appointment during winter and summer breaks, and schedule school physicals, immunizations, and other routine care for school holidays or summer break. Finally, remember to show and tell your children that attendance is important—whether it’s as a child in school or as an adult on the job. You’ll be helping them succeed, both in school and in life.

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School Announcements

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Kerry Eck'Art... this year’s McKinley Avenue School’s Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Eck'Art is a fourth grade teacher who exemplifies the kind of educator who makes it her personal mission to help her students become the best readers, writers, and mathematicans they can be. Her dedication to our school is truly appreciated by all!

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  • Families who choose to provide their own transportation are reminded to not enter the front loop to drop off students before 7:52 am (a few busses are scheduled to use that lane prior to 7:52 am).  Parents who choose to walk their children into the building are reminded that they must park their cars in the parking lot.  Do not park cars at any time in the front loop; the front loop is a fire lane.  Students will not be permitted to enter the building prior to 7:52 am. 
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  • A tasty and nutritious selection of breakfast and lunch items is available on a daily basis!  Applications for free or reduced lunch for your child are available in the main office for families who have recently experienced a change in financial status. If your family qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program, please remember that breakfast is also included in the program! 

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