Ronald L. Meinders Primary Learning Center


In-Coming 2014 Kindergarten Students
If your child will be 5 years old by October 1, 2014 he/she is eligible to attend Kindergarten in September.  Please come to the Primary Learning Center to pick up a registration packet.
Feel free to call us at 609.978.5700 x1350 with any questions.  We are looking forward to an exciting new school year!
                                                 Mr. Krushinski
Congratulations to Mrs. Slota
Teacher of the Year
We are all very proud of you and appreciate the wonderful things you do!!!
 Keys to Building Responsibility
Give your child responsibility.  One of the best ways to help children learnto be responsible is to give them responsibilities of their own.  Try the following:  *Create a chore list.  Assign age-appropriate tasks that your childcan do.  *Involve your child in theprocess.  Let them choose some of thejobs they would like to do.  *Keep trackof your own respnsibilities with a "to-do" list and encourage yourchild to make a list of their own.  *Maketime to help your child learn to take responsibility.  Don't rush through explanations.  Make sure they understand what they aresupposed to do.  Break new chores intosmaller steps while your child learns how to do the entire task.  *Allow your child to take some risks.  Don't automatically assume that they can’t dosomething.  *Be prepared formistakes.  Talk about what went wrong andhow your child can learn from the experience. *Praise your child when responsibility is demonstrated.  *Be patient. According to research, it takes 21 repetitions for an action to become ahabit.



School Announcements

    Check your child's teacher's web
    page every week for important
    schedules and information.

    Lunch purchases must be prepaid. 
    For more information call

    978-5700 x 1151.


    Carline is available from 8:50 - 9:05

    every morning.


    Be sure to go through your child’s
    backpack each night.


    Label your child’s belongings.


    Read with your child every night.


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