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    Last day of school!
    Please log into the google classroom that I have created for you.  My class code is: bojzy5s
    My former student Mike Gesicki.  Class act!
    Mike Gesicki, My former student. Class act!
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    Ms. Redling and Mr. Nelson  
    Lean on Me
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    Name: Brian Nelson   
    Phone:978-5700 ext. 1328
    Check out this funny soccer video!
     Scott Sterling


      Intermediate School Physical Education

    I love P.E.  

    Physical Education Class Rules
      • Sneakers must be laced and tied correctly or have velcro. No slip-ons because slip-ons can slip off.
      • Wear comfortable clothing. We move around a lot so you want to be able to bend, stretch, participate in our class activities and not be retricted or embarrassed.
      •  Limited jewlery is allowed (small posted earrings, watches, short necklaces). Any jewlery that has the potential to get snagged on your clothing and/or cause harm is not allowed. Better yet, if you don't want it broken, "lost" or stolen, don't wear it to class.
      • If you are unable to participate in class an excuse note is required. Notes from home are only good for one day.  Longer than one day requires a note from your physician.
      • We ALWAYS practice good sportsmanship.  Therefore, treat each other the way you want to be treated.
      • Have Fun!!!