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    The Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant functions in the school environment as an educational diagnostician, instructional programmer, Child Study Team member, educational consultant and instructional leader. The LDT-C must have the professional preparation to make assessments, analyses, and classifications of students’ learning differences; understand and implement special education law; plan and facilitate delivery of programs for children with learning differences; transfer specific and successful instructional techniques to classroom teachers through consultation, collaboration, and in-service education; and effectively communicate with parents, teachers and administrators. An educational assessment shall be the responsibility of a learning disabilities teacher consultant employed by the district board of education. It shall include observations of the student in other than a testing session, review of the student’s educational history, conferences with the student’s teacher(s), and an evaluation and analysis of the student’s academic performance and learning characteristics.
    Name: Christine Greenblatt (LDT-C) 
    Phone: 609-978-5700 Ext. 1255 
    Email: cgreenblatt@staffordschools.org