•  Name: Mrs. Heather Colucci

    Position: School Counselor & Anti-bullying Specialist

    Phone: (609) 978-5700 X 1317 

    Email: hcolucci@staffordschools.org


    School Counselor
    Welcome! I am the School Counselor @ McKinley Avenue Elementary School. I look forward to working closely with all students in the areas of personal, social, and academic development. I have several goals as the School Counselor: to engage students in activities that promote positive interpersonal knowledge, attitudes, and skills, to help students make healthy decisions, set reasonable personal goals, cope with difficult and stressful situations, and to assist students in overcoming barriers that may prevent them from achieving the academic success that we ALWAYS strive for at McKinley. I hope to help all students build bright futures! I look forward to an AWESOME 2018-2019 school year.
    Services Offered: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Classroom Lessons, & More!
    Throughout the school year, I will create quarterly Counselor Newsletters highlighting Upstander Students, important events that took place during those months, and more! The quarterly newsletters will also be available via Blackboard Connect, Twitter, or by clicking on the links that will be posted below. (Newsletter Months: November, January, March & May)