Distance Learning Update 4/6/2020

    Dear parents and students: 

    It's a 4 day week!!  You are all doing great and I'm so proud of you.

    Just a few reminders before we have our much needed Spring break. 

    -This week new material is being posted.  With that being said, there will be a video posted to the assignment so show you what to do.  Please make sure you watch the video first before beginning to work.

    -Student email accounts have been opened.  If you need to use it to contact myself or another teacher, please go to mail.google.com and enter your information.

    -I will continue to post work on Monday mornings and you have a week to complete it.  So if you have Spanish on Wednesday, you have until the following Wednesday to turn it in if needed.

    -Google Chat/Hangouts has been opened for you to use as well.  You may message me there during the day.

    -I organized each week of Distance Learning in Google Classroom.  There is a video on week 3 explaining how I set it up.

    Keep up all of the hard work!  

    Mrs. Passero




    During the hours of 8-3 , I will be available via email to answer any questions/give feedback. Instructions/Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Email: npassero@staffordschools.org


    Google Classroom Codes: Please use the following codes to access your grade level Spanish Google Classroom.  Please note these codes are DIFFERENT than the one you may have used in class.  I have created separate classrooms for online learning ONLY.


    6th Grade Spanish Classroom Code: nrjqcws

    5th Grade Spanish Classroom Code: aahiwcp

    4th Grade Spanish Classroom Code: kakkkc7

    3th Grade Spanish Classroom Code: egn72u5