•         Summer 


    Dear Parents, 

    Now that the school year is coming to a close, it is important to consider the continuing speech needs of your child. I encourage you to continue working with your child in their speech notebook through the summer months. Reviewing previous speech homework pages and encouraging "good speech" every day is very important. Your child has made a lot of progress in speech this year and I appreciate your support and cooperation. I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer!


    Mrs. Eldridge   


    Here are some activities that you can use to help your child this summer:

    1. Magazines - A scrapbook is fun to make- reinforcing categories - farm animals, fruit, summer activities, toys, sports, etc.

    2. Children enjoy reading or telling about pictures in books. Older children enjoy reading to younger children. Visit the library. 

    3. Counting and telling colors and names of cars, animals, etc. will include practicing numerous sounds to improve articulation and intelligibility.

    4. Singing along to DVDs, TV or radio in the car provides a good model of speech.

    5. Puppet shows (paperbag puppets) - Many characters and stories can be created with puppets. A  box makes a good stage. Let your child talk about them or act out a story.

    6. Play games such as : Simple Simon, Go Fish, Memory, I Spy, I am going on a picnic and I am bringing, etc..

    7. Walk and Talk- Take a walk around the neighborhood and talk about what you see - dogs running, children playing, sounds you hear, etc..

    8. What animal am I? Take turns thinking of an animal and acting out its actions (monkey eating a banana). 

    9. TV Talk - Have your child tell you what happened during their favorite show. This is good for memory and telling events in sequence. 

    10. Memories - Have your child draw pictures of places you visit. Write down what your child has to say, put it together into a story book that can be enjoyed over and over.  

    11. Find this - While riding in the car, you can play an alphabet or color or category game - Look for things that begin with letter A, then B, etc. or something blue or green or animals or items in another category. 


    Supply List:  100 page composition book (preferably with a hard cover)