• Physical Education at Ocean Acres

    Dear Parents/Guardians


    Welcome to an exciting year at Ocean Acres School.  We are looking forward to developing the minds and skills of your children.


    Our utmost concern in our gymnasium is to    ensure maximum safety for all students.  The following list contains some rules for Physical Education class:


    Footwear -

    All students must wear rubber sole sneakers with laces that tie or velcro.    


    Please note the following sneakers do not provide the proper support or safety and are not permitted- bungee laces, knotted short laces, zipper only fasteners,  platforms, heels and sneakers that do not cover the top of the foot.


    Any  student wearing         improper footwear will not be  permitted to  participate in class.  A lack of participation will result in a lower grade. 


    If weather conditions call for more appropriate footwear on a certain day, we suggest that your child carry their sneakers in a separate bag and wear them only for Physical Education class.


    Attire -

    All students should wear older, loose and        comfortable clothing, which allows for free movement.  The wearing of dresses or skirts can  be difficult and  cause           embarrassment.  Please remind your son and

    daughter to wear proper attire. 

    Jewelry, especially dangly or hoop  earrings should not be worn on days when your child has Physical      Education.  Your child will be warned in advanced not to bring money, bracelets/jewelry or any valuable possessions to class.  We are not      responsible for any lost items.


    Excuse Notes -

    Any child needing an   excuse from Physical Education class must have a written note, which should be         submitted to the school nurse before coming to class.  If a doctor’s note excuses a child from class, a doctor’s note is required to resume    participation in class.

    Thank you in advance  for your help and         cooperation.


    Physical Education Department

    Welcome Letter

    Ms. Redling
    Mr. Costigan

    Special Points of Interest:

    Think positive

    Try your best

    Give a helping hand to others

    Your child will have Physical Education 2 times a week.  Please remember to wear proper attire and footwear.