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    PLC's Kinder Garden
    "Growing Plants, Growing Friendships, Growing Minds
     beebullet2 A Garden Grows...
    The PLC's Kinder Garden was started with a generous grant from the Stafford Township Education Foundation. With the help of Reynolds Landscaping, a beautiful garden was placed behind the school with beds and raised boxes so that all of our students could become Garden Buddies. Over the past few years we have received many grants from The Garden Club of LBI as well as an additional grant from the Stafford Township Education Foundation. These grants have enabled us to add more boxes for vegetables and purchase a shed, equipment, and benches for our garden. We look forward to a new season of planting!
      beebullet2 Garden Buddies...
     In the Spring we will be looking for parents who might be willing to volunteer to help with a clean up for the garden.  Information will be sent home if you would like to help!
     beebullet2 The Garden Buzzzzzzzzz!
                                             This year we had lots of critters in the garden.  Along with our very hungry groundhogs, we also had blue birds nesting in our boxes and tons of butterflies and insects to watch and wonder about.  This year we also have some very large praying mantis' waiting to make some smaller bugs their dinner.  They like to hang on the screens and windows of our classrooms.  Some are up to 7 inches long!  They are really interesting to watch and we are hoping to again bring in an egg sack and hatch it in our Garden Lab in the Spring.