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                         2021-2022 Suggested Classroom Supply List                      

    Welcome to Mrs. St. Germain’s 4th grade class!

    Please bring your supplies at the start of the school year. :)


    The following is a list of supplies that are needed over the course of the school year. Some may need to be replenished over time with use. There is also an optional list as well as a donation/wish list for the classroom. Anything that you are able to provide is much appreciated. Some supplies will be used and shared by the class, so please do not write your child’s name on the supplies. These supplies can be found at Target, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, or the dollar store.


    (1) 1½” binder with see-through plastic sleeves on outside to insert paper

    (3) sturdy folders with holes punched in side (in order to place in binder)

    (2) composition notebooks-2 different colors

    (2) packs of standard post-it notes (any solid color is fine)

    (4) small black EXPO markers

    (1) Pair of headphones or ear buds-not bluetooth (may need to be replaced if damaged)

    (1) dry eraser for whiteboard

    (2) highlighters

    protective laptop case (to fit size 14 inch screen)

    face masks (for daily wear)


    * If you are unable to acquire these supplies for your child, please let me know.


    Classroom Wish List/ Donations: tissues, Ziploc bags (sandwich or snack size), disposable forks/spoons, Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, healthy snacks (pretzels, cereal, crackers, etc.), AA or AAA batteries




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