Classroom Supplies

    Please send in the following items with your child:

    -One 2- pocket folder for daily information and child’s work.

    -A backpack big enough to fit a folder, a lunchbox, and projects.

    -Two sets of extra clothing (including socks) labeled with your child’s name, stored in a zip lock bag.

    -Sweater/ Sweatshirt:  classroom temperature may vary. Optional to leave one in school.

    -Two snacks and two drinks daily (water preferred), and they will need a daily lunch or lunch money.

    -Crib sheet, small blanket, and small pillow labeled with your child’s names and stored in a rubbermaid box with lid.

    (Bedding will be sent home every Friday to be washed and should return on Monday.)

    **Please don’t forget to label all items with your child’s name! **


    Just added** (2) Shoeboxes with lid, 4 pack of Playdoh, 8 pack of Crayola Crayons, Old T-Shirt for Art Smock