• Class Supplies for 2020-2021

    Mrs. Derion and Mr. Hudec


    *Please know that backpacks are required to bring supplies back and forth to school.*

                 -face coverings (2-3 to be able to change throughout the day)

                 -small personal hand sanitizer

                 - 1 one-subject notebook (ELA/SS)

                 - 1 plastic pocket folder 

                 -  pencils

                 - 2-3 whiteboard markers 

                 -old (clean) sock or cloth to use as an eraser for the whiteboard

                 -t-shirt or small towel to sit on outside

                 - 2 purple pens 

                 - soft pencil case (for your pencils, pens, colored pencils, post-its, whiteboard markers,                 

                       - post-its (3x3) These will be used to take notes within their SSR/Core books.

                 -colored pencils

                 -headphones (essential)

     - a book to read (on your level)

                 - a great attitude!


                 -Optional: small whiteboard

    Most assignments will be completed in Google Classroom using the chromebook.

    Please note: This supply list includes those items required for Mr. Hudec as well. Please do not buy double of everything.

    Wishlist for 6G: Tissues(we will need these throughout the year), Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer