Here are a few things your child will need for the upcoming school year.

    Regular sized backpack labeled with their name 

    Lunch Box labeled with their name. We cannot store lunches in the fridge so ice packs come in handy.

    Please pack 2 Snacks and 2 Drinks daily in case they are needed. We always have snack in the afternoon and children are welcome to eat something when they arrive at school. If your child does not eat breakfast at home, and you would like to be certain they buy breakfast or eat from their lunchbox, please send a note.

    Additionally, your child will need a packed lunch or lunch money (contact me if you are interested in having your child buy school lunch). 

    We encourage using refillable water bottles; students set them on the counter and drink from them throughout the day as needed. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly labeled.  

    Extra pair of clothes (including socks) stored in a Ziploc bag to be kept in their backpack. If your child has frequent accidents we can store a few extra pairs of clothing in the classroom. Please contact me and we can discuss your child’s individual needs.            

    Crib sheet, blanket, and small pillow labeled with their name. Keep in mind we will be storing bedding in the classroom in 16qt bins (provided). 

    Your child will need an art smock. Please send in an old LARGE t-shirt. We have found these work best at covering our clothing when painting.  

    We do our best to keep track of belongings but please remember to 

    Label, Label, Label!