Suggested Supply List 

     Mrs. Kelly’s and Mrs. Leming’s Class


    This list covers supplies for both  classes.  

    • Accordion folder  folder    

    • 1 inch Binder for Math (not any bigger)

    • 2 composition notebooks 

    • 3 subject spiral notebook

    • Soft pencil pouch 

    • Lined post it notes- (3x5 or 4x6)

    • pencils/erasers

    • hand held pencil sharpener ( that contains shavings) 

    • small dry erase board ( if you can not find- don't stress I have a bunch)

    • white board eraser (it can be a sock, rag)

    • highlighters

    • unscented dry erase markers

    • assorted colored pens

    • earbuds/headphones (in a sealed plastic bag)

    • mouse (optional)


    Donations are always appreciated


    Lysol wipes