• Get ready for Kindergarten!

    Helping your child learn to read and write doesn’t have to take a lot of extra time or money. Here are some easy ways to build literacy skills, at home, in the sun, or on the run.

    At home: Let your child see you reading and writing as you go through your day. Talk about what you read and write so your child can hear.  (Print awareness)

    • Ask your child to tell you a new or interesting word s/he learned today. Does s/he know what it means? Write the word in a writer’s journal or notebook. Have the child draw a picture to go with the word, or use it in a sentence. (Vocabulary)

    In the sun: Lie on the ground and describe the shapes of the clouds.

    (Oral language & vocabulary skills)

    • As you play outdoors, play “I Spy.” Look around your world and say, “I spy something that starts with the [m] sound. What is it?” (Phonological awareness; phonics)

    · Finger paint” the alphabet using sand, garden soil or playground pebbles. At the beach, try making letters “giant-sized” by walking the shapes or letters. (Phonics)

    • When you take a walk, point out the directions you are going: turning left or right, going uphill or downhill.

    On the run: Point out printed words in the places you take your child, such as the grocery store. Point out individual letters or words in signs, billboards, posters, food containers, books and magazines. (Phonics; print awareness)

      Give your child a flyer, brochure or page from an old magazine. Circle a letter on the page and have him circle matching letters. This is great for preventing boredom in lines or waiting rooms!

    · Play with language! Fight boredom in lines and waiting rooms by playing “sound games”: listening for the same beginning and ending sounds or words, creating rhymes, or making “slow motion” language, where you stretch out the sounds in words to make them easier to hear.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about the upcoming school year.