Good Morning 3J
    Tuesday June 2 , 2020
    Check in on your special teachers.They have asignments
     MEETING 10:00
    E.L.A we are focusing on poetry and animal sea animals
    *Complete the poem slides presentation... remember there are 3 slides, the poem and 2 activities. 
    *Watch a video on sea creature and write a 5 sentence paragraph about the animal.
    *Read/Listen to Polluted Ocean on Epic and take the quiz .
    * Do an Achieve 3000...
    MATH - we are focusing on Geomtry 
    All work is done on the slides and do the show what you know on Think Central  

    *Study Multiplication facts daily
    Extra work ideas
    *Read 30 minutes do a 3-2-1 create and submit it on Google Docs.
    Please remember to check specials each week.
                                                  TEACHER           CODE
    ART                   7ztphat
    GYM                   oldd4i7
      MUSIC              lfahcsn 
    Steam Mrs. Killgallon
        Mr.Miller S.E.L.