• How Parents Can Help Facilitate Articulation Skills 

       Practice your child's successful words, using word cards or objects, at home. Use games and other fun activities, and make your sessions short and frequent. (5-15 minutes a day) Don't directly correct sounds that your child has not worked on yet.  This is especially true when the child has not had the opportunity to have the new skill presented in a more isolated way than connected speech. Model good speech. Don't inadvertently reinforce the incorrect productions by laughing or drawing attention. Certainly don't imitate the incorrect production. Repeat the utterance using the correct pronunciation. 
    Model good speech by reading to your child. Use reading as a way to surround your child with the targeted sound. 
    Talk to your child as you go through your daily routines. This is a chance to model many correct production, and stimulate language development, too.
    Below are some fun games and activities you can use to practice your child's sounds.
    Play a board game like Candyland, but have your child say a word with their target sound before he/she takes a turn each time. Don't forget to take a turn saying a word yourself! Then it's one more chance for you to model your child's target sound. When your child is ready for this step, let your child "catch" you making the sound "the old way" and let him show you how it should be said with the correct "new sound". 
    Remember that even if your child is "only" listening during these at home activities, he/she is still gaining the auditory bombardment of the sound and opportunities to hear the correct pronunciation in a controlled setting!