Fun Educational Websites
     Prodigy, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggsrpess and Get Epic Books are still available for use.
    Make sure to check the local library to see what fun, educational activities they have over the summer.
    Other Activities To Do:
    • Keep a Reading Log to record all the great books you are reading
    • Use the Writing Journals we made in class to write about all of the great things you are doing
    • Keep practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
    • Talk about the books you are reading with family and friends
    • Create and write your own book series where you are the main character going on different adventures, or try using imaginary characters and tell about the adventures they go on
    Writing Journal Ideas:
    • Write about what you learned in school this year.
    • Write about the funniest thing that happened in school.
    • Write about the friends you made in school and what you did together.
    • Write about what you look forward to next school year.
    • Write about some of the fun things you are doing in the summer.
    • Write about the best day you have had since summer began.
    • And any other great ideas you would like to write about and share!
    Make sure to share your Reading Logs and Writing Journal with us so we can see all the wonderful things you did and have been working on!