• Suggested Supplies

    (Please check Mrs. Staub's website for supplies before making any purchases)
    -pencils, penicls, pencils!!- these should be purchased throughout the year
    -pencil pouch
    - pens for correcting
    -1 accordian folder (to be used for all subjects)
    -dry erase markers
    -old sock/rag (for erasing whiteboards)
     ** silent reading book for the first day would be FABULOUS!! You will always have to have a silent reading book with you in all subject areas.
    **if anyone is unable to purchase these supplies, please let me know :)
    Class Wish List (I know this is asking A LOT!!!) - If you can get your hands on any extra: 
    paper towels
    Clorox or Lysol wipes
    Thank you!!