Ms. Hildebrandt's Suggested Supply List for 3F 2019-2020
    Supplies in BLUE will be individual supplies.
    Supplies that are in RED are community (group) supplies.
    *Please do not buy supplies that your child will not be willing to share. These items can be purchased at your local dollar store!  :)
    Box of Tissues 
    Large container of disinfecting wipes  
    Package of normal-sized, COLORED sticky notes
    Pack of markers
    Box of pencils
    Glue stick 
    Box of pencil-top erasers
    2 Black Sharpie markers 
    Individual Supplies **Please bring the first day of school
    Drawstring Backpack (this will be used as your reading book bag) 
    Headphones (ear buds tend to last longer) in a Ziplock bag (first and last name on bag in permanent marker)
    4 composition notebooks (not spiral) * 
    3 Plastic (DURABLE) folders
    *NO personal pencil sharpeners
    *NO plastic supplies boxes, please

    **The district will provide the essential supplies that your child will need during the school year.  The items listed above are additional items that may be used in our class during the school year but are not required items.