• Welcome to

    Stafford Township School District

    Student Registration

    We would like to welcome you and your child(ren) to the Stafford Township School District. Our staff members are looking forward to working with you to help your child(ren) have a wonderful and successful school experience.


    Registration is now online!  You will need the following items in order to register.


    1. Two proofs of residency. (Form)

    2. Child’s original Birth Certificate. 

    3. Photo ID of Primary Parent/Guardian.  

    4. Universal Health Form.  (Form)  Please print and have your child’s health care provider fill out.  You will be prompted during the registration process to upload this form into the portal.  

    5. Child’s immunization records.  

    6. Transfer card from prior district. (If applicable)

    7. Custody papers as well as the Custody Alert Form.  (If applicable)  (Form)

    8. Proof of guardianship.  (If applicable)

    I need to register my child(ren) for Preschool

    Please fill out the Pre-registration form on the Oxycocus School website. 

    If you qualify for a seat, our registrar will be in touch with you.

    If you have any questions, please email pkreg@staffordschools.org



    I need to register my child(ren) for Grades K-6

    Please click on the link below:

    K-6 Registration 


    If you have any questions pertaining to K-6 registration, please reach out to our district registrar:


    Tina Leonard


    609-978-5700 Extension 1272

     In an effort to increase efficiency and communicate better with our families, we have implemented a Parent Portal that allows you to have access to your child’s records, including Attendance and Report Cards. Within two weeks after registering, you will receive an email from genesis@staffordschools.org and it will contain your Username and a Temporary Password. 


    Upon first logging into the site, you will be prompted to change your password. If you ever lose or forget your password, you can always click Forgot My Password on the portal’s login page. Note that only the Primary Custodial Parent will receive an email containing login information. This person is listed as Guardian 1 in the system. In the case of married couples, this is generally the mother. In the case of a divorce or other scenarios, court documents dictate who the Primary Custodial Parent is. 


    For Guardians two through four to receive an account, they will need to send an email from the email address they want to use for the account, containing their name, the full name of their child, and their child’s school to genesis@staffordschools.org. Once the email is received, we will verify the information with what we have on file to ensure that only those permitted can access a student’s information.


     The direct link to the portal is http://parents.staffordschools.org, but you can also go to our website www.staffordschools.org and click on the Parent Portal icon near the upper right hand corner. If you are the Primary Custodial Guardian and do not receive an email within 2 weeks of registering, please feel free to email the Technology Department at genesis@staffordschools.org and they will verify your email address and attempt to resend. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for the message prior to contacting the Technology Department. 

    *Fraudulent claims regarding residency of custody are subject to fines and/or imprisonment.  

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