• Math 
     GO MATH

    In Math this year the class will be learning about:

    Unit 1: Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions
    Unit 2: Divide Whole Numbers
    Unit 3: Add and Subtract Decimals
    Unit 4: Multiply Decimals
    Unit 5: Divide Decimals 
    Unit 6:Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators 
    nit 7: Multiply Fractions
    Unit 8: Divide Fractions
    Unit 9: Algebra: Patterns and Graphing
    Unit 10: Convert Units of Measure
    Unit 11: Geometry and Volume


      We will be learning about:

    LIFE PROCESSES:                         
    Marine Activities Resources and Education:Bouyancy, Water Displacement, Volume and Density of Salt Water, Shark Adaptations, Animal Adaptations, Marine Food Web, and Plankton, Hawaiian Islands Form-Dynamic Earth.

    Energy, Matter and Motion:Monster Trucks-Motion and Friction, Simple Machines, Properties of Light, Electricity, Circuits, Solar Energy. Static and Current Electricity, Snap Circuits electric current flow, Friction, Visible Light.

    Lab Safety, Cells, Photosynthesis, Root Systems, Human Body Major Systems, Ecosystems, Biomes, Food Webs/Chains, Producers, Consumers, Earthworms, Adapations, Watersheds. 

    Dynamic Earth:ASTRONOMY: Seasons, Moon Phase, Star Lab.  Positions, Movements, & Forces of Sun, Earth & Moon, patterns & cycles.

     Topographic Maps, Rock Erosion, Streaming Tables, Climate-Earths Axis, Pressure, Destructive Forces, Weathering, Solar & Wind, Hurricane and Twisters.                                                                                                                     

    We are using the book, WOW, World of Wellness.        
    Unit 1: Safety, Injury Prevention, Personal Health, and PhysicalActivity.                                                                      
    Unit 2:  Nutrition Education.                                              

    Unit 3: Growth and Development, Body Systems, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.                                     

    Unit 4: Mental, Emotional, Family, and Social Health.        

    Unit 5 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs.                        

    Unit 6:  Community, Consumer, and Environmental Health.
                          Taught by: Officer Christopher Fritz
                              Stafford Police Department                                    
    Social Studies
    Topics of Study
    The Colonist
    Review of Colonial Life in English Colonies
    Pre-Revolutionary  War America
    Revolutionary War
    Our Government
    West Ward Expansion
    Industrial Revoluntion
    Civil War
    Geography/Map Skills
    Maps of US & The World along with Culture Study
        Textbook on line: www.sfsuccessnet.com
                                               Binder for notes & important papers
                                  Classroom Projects
                                  Library Use