•  In the art room my goal is for students to learn to THINK like artists.  

    ATP stands for Artistic Thinking Process.  This is an approach to learning Visual Art that helps encourage the creative thinkers needed in the workplace of the future. 

    ATP is at the center of my approach as a Visual Arts teacher.              

    The artistic process has 4 phases an art student works through when creating art:  

    1. Inspration the student seeks ideas.

    2. Development the student designs the idea 

    3. Creation the student builds the idea

    4. Reflection the student critiques the outcome of the idea

    Basically this means students will be asked to:

    Find an idea, develop the idea, create work around the idea, and share that work with others.   

    Here are some of the Learning targets you will see:







    These will be completed before monthly theme projects, so you will get used to filling them out:



                                 Grades are based on 2 Artistic Behaviors  regarding each assignment.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Students will either meet the expected behaviors and receive an S on the report card,                                                                                                                                                              or choose not to and receive an N. 

    1. Create original art and reflect on what you have made

    2. Use Art Tools in a Safe and Productive Way

     Students will grade eachother in the SHAREA are of the Innovator Lab set aside for self assessment and critique.