• Mrs. Matthews' Peek At The Week March 20th- March 24th


    Monday: Math 10-8, read and sign log

    Tuesday:  Math 10-9, read and sign log 

    Wednesday:  Math Topic 10 Review, read and sign log 

    Thursday:  No Math HW, read and sign log 

    Friday: No Homework

    Words of the Week: 

    Mr. , Mrs. , house, first, word, cry, dry, shy, spy, try


    Notes & Reminders:

    March 21st: wear blue and yellow for World Down Syndrome day

    March 22nd: Make and Take night at Ocean Acres 6pm-7pm: Stop in to gather some tools and strategies to help your children. Travel to various stations at your own pace. Students may stay in one of the Special Area rooms attended to by OA Staff members, so you can focus on visiting the stations provided. Hope to see you there. This event is open to all families with students K-2.


    What we are learning about this week:

    Reading: Non-Fiction

    Writing: Non-Fiction

    Fundations: Unit  10
    -segmenting and blending up to 5 sounds
    -suffix-s added to words with 5 sounds
    -suffixes -ed and -ing added to unchanging basewords with closed syllables
    -vowel team sounds for oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, aw
    -reading with accuracy and prosody
    -narrative fiction vs. informational books
    Sample words: stump, clasp, strap, slashing, blended
    Trick words: any, many, how, now, down, out, about, our


    * Scholastic News

    *Sun, Moon & Stars


    Upcoming Events:

    March 27th: wear purple for World Epilepsy day