Welcome Incoming Beginning String Students!!

  • June 2022


    I would like to welcome you and your child into our instrumental music department here at Stafford.  Music teachers from our district and Southern Regional have introduced your child to the following string instruments: violin, viola, cello and double bass.  


    Your child has been given the opportunity to test and play the above instruments, as well as the band instruments, and see if one is the perfect fit for them. Students can choose to play any of the string instruments, however, it is important that your child has the proper sized instrument, as string instruments come in multiple sizes. Please make sure to follow the “String Instrument Sizing” paper to ensure you rent the correct size for your child. 


    Attached you will find several important documents. Please look over them as they contain important information about the strings program and renting an instrument. They include: Frequently Asked Questions, How to Rent from Music and Arts, Instrument Rental vs. Purchase Information, Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest Information, and a flier from Music & Arts about Rental Rates


    When ordering a proper sized instrument, please make sure you purchase a Lesson Book (the Essential Elements series Book 1) and a Music Stand (unless you already own one), this is included in the starter pack. A Shoulder Rest is required for those who choose to play the violin or viola (see the Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest Information sheet). The Liability Damage Waiver is not required, however, it is highly recommended. Lots of things can go wrong (dents, cracks, broken bridges, etc.) with beginner students and LDW will cover the cost of these repairs. Please try to order your instrument by August 15th and select fall delivery to give Music and Arts enough time to gather the instruments for delivery in September. 


    If you order your instrument through Music and Arts online, it will be delivered to the school in September. If you rent through the Music and Arts store, please have your child refrain from playing the instrument. This is when an instrument is often broken, as the students are unaware of how to properly play it.


    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is mmyers@staffordschools.org and my phone number is 609-978-5700 ext.1331.  

    I will check my email over the summer.  I’m looking forward to making music with your child!!



    Ms. Madeline S. Myers

    Ms. Madeline S. Myers

    Stafford School District Strings Director


    MUST HAVE: Instrument (proper size), Lesson Book, Music Stand, & Shoulder Rest (Violin/Viola)

    OPTIONAL but strongly recommended: Liability Damage Waiver

  • Below is all the necessary information about the Stafford Strings Program.

    Please read through the packet if you are interested in joining the strings program.

    Strings Program/Rental Information



String Instruments