• School Supply List  

    The district will provide the essential supplies that your child will need during the school year.

    Supplies may be brought to school during the Open House or on the first day of school!

    The items listed below are additional items that may be used in our class during the school year.

    Student Supply List

    * Students will be provided with a student planner/assignment book

    * If you are unable to acquire these supplies for your child, please let me know.

    * If you would like to send in any extra supplies, they will be added to our community bin and will be used by all students throughout the year.

    pencil pouch (no boxes please, they are too large for the desks)

    2 highlighters (different colors)


    dry erase markers (expo works best)

    1 package of glue sticks

    post-its/sticky notes (standard square size - any color, with or without lines)

    clean sock or eraser for dry erase boards

    An assortment of your choice of pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, & erasers

    1 inch plain white binder with clear plastic sleeves on outside to insert paper

    1 inch plain black binder with clear plastic sleeves on outside to insert paper

    3 three hole punched 2-pocket folders

    2 marble composition notebooks

    1 spiral notebook (3 subject)

    1 spiral notebook (1 subject)

    earbuds or headphones in a labeled ziplock bag

    Class Wish List


    Paper towels

    Disinfecting Wipes

    Wet wipes/baby wipes (unscented)

    Ziploc bags (any size)

    Hand Sanitizer

    Puzzles and Games

    Healthy snacks (pretzels, cereal, crackers, etc.)

    Books for classroom library