Staub/Dacchille 6AB Team Supplies 2021-2022:
    **If you will be seeing Mr. Bamber(6A) or Mrs. Parsley(6B) during the day for ELA or Math - please check their pages for their supply list.
     ELA/SS - Supplies:
            1. (3) Marble Composition Books - different colors would be preferable - we will label them in class
    Math/Science Supplies:
            1. (1) Marble Composition Book - will be labeled in class
            2. Colored pen for correcting (any color) 
            3. Glue stick 
            4. Dry Erase Marker
            5. Dry Erase Eraser
    Team Supplies:
            1. Pencils - these should be purchased throughout the year as well
            2. Crayons or colored pencils - your preference - either is fine with me :)
            3. Pencil sharpener that carries your shavings
            4. Pencil pouch to carry pencils, crayons/colored pencils
            5. Home Folder - a folder to bring home anything that is ready to go home
            6. Mouse for chromebook - this can plug in or be wireless 
            7. Ear buds or headset you can carry with you in your backpack.
            ** silent reading book for the first day would be FABULOUS!! You don't have to buy one ~ a library book would be great or you can borrow one from Mrs. Staub's classroom library on the first day! 

    ALL students should make sure they have a backpack/bookbag. We also suggest a water bottle so that you are able to have a drink during the day - :)


    Donations of the following are always appreciated :)

    -Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    -Hand Sanitizer