• Topics of Study 

    Grades 3-6  

    Unit 1- Self Discovery (September- October)

    Unit 2- My Community (November-January)

    Unit 3- My World (February-March)

    Black history month

     Unit 4- World Societies (April-June)


    My lessons are based off the Academic Language Functions and the WIDA can do descriptors. We will focus on a language function of the week/month and lessons will be created from it.

     October lessons- compare/contrast information, main idea and details, describing events, people and processes 

    Questions asked: What is the difference? How are they related? What is the main idea? What details support the main idea? 

    Visit my Bitmoji classroom for frequently used links! Ms. Calantoni's ESL Bitmoji class

    The progam RAZ-Kids is used frequently in my classroom. This program allows me to assign leveled books to students to read in the classroom and at home. It also gives students the ability to read books they want to read on their free time. Students will be required and encouraged to use this program at home. This program is a great way for students to improve their reading skills and to read with their parents at home! 

    Visit RAZ-kids.com and go to "Kids Login". You can also download the free KIDS A-Z app on any smart phone or device! Type in my name (Lcalantoni) where it says "teacher". Each child was given a password specifically for them. Once they login they can go to the "reading room" section of the website and pick any book they want on their level. One of the benefits of this website is that the books in the reading room are specific to the childs reading level. Once they complete a certain number of books and quizzes they move up a level, and get all new books. This is a fun way for students to improve their reading skills, and a great way for parents to read with their children!

    Here is a picture of the app in the app store: 

    kids app  

    Students can practice English at home too! Here are some great websites students can visit at home: