Disney Classroom
    About Miss Erin...
    My name is Erin Pelusio.  I am very excited about being your child's preschool teacher this year!
    I can't wait to get to know your little ones.
    Here's a little information so you can get to know me!
    My teaching career started in preschool while I was going to college.
    After graduating college, I taught for 5 years in first and second grades.
    I took off from teaching for 10 years to stay home with
    my three children, who were all adopted from South Korea. 
     Spencer is 21 and a Senior at Stockton University,
    Shaelynn is 20 and a Sophomore at Ocean County College,
    Braden is 19 and works at Costco Wholesale.
    All three are Stafford Schools graduates.  
    Both of my boys have special needs.
    While home with my kids, I continued my education and became certified in special education.
    I came back home (to the classroom) in 2012.
    I'm currently in an online graduate school getting my Master of Arts degree in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis.
    I love teaching and I promise your children will be loved in my room every day!
    Oh yeah, Paul is my husband and we've been married for 25 years.
    He works at Costco, so I'm sure some of you have seen him on your shopping trips!
    I LOVE DISNEY, NO I REALLY LOVE DISNEY! We've been to Disney 39 times!!!
    Our last trip was in July 2022!
     Disney pic
    This is from our Hawaii trip in November 2019.
    Also, I REALLY LOVE DOGS! I have 4 dogs; Peewee is a 16 year old mini Dachshund, Dash is a 13 year old YorkiePoo, Leia is a 7 year old Chihuahua,
    and Wicket is a 6 pound little Chihuahua puppy. All of my furbabies are rescues.