• The following suggested items will be needed in school on a daily basis:

    ·       Pencils (send in as needed)

    ·       A closed pencil sharpener

    ·       Pack of dry erase markers

    ·       Scissors

    ·       Highlighter

    . a red plastic folder

     A headset for chromebook

    .A mouse for the chromebook

    . A 70 page notebook and a notebook for STEAM

    *Please bring a beach towel in a labeled large Ziploc bag.  We will be going outside and may need something to sit on.   If used, it will go home weekly to be washed and returned.*



    The following suggested items will be needed at home to complete homework assignments:

    ·       Pencils & sharpeners

    ·       White lined paper

    ·       Ruler (centimeter and inches)

    ·       Protractor

    ·       Calculator

    ·       Math Flash Cards –multiplication and division

    ·       Children’s dictionary and thesaurus

    ·       Crayons/markers/colored pencils

    ·       Analog clock



    ·       I will provide each student with a pencil box, glue, crayons, etc.  I would however, like each student to have a 70 page notebook for journal writing, sticky notes and headphones for listening for working on chromebooks and listening to stories.  This year we will not be provided with an agenda, so another notebook with at least 180 pages will be needed to copy his/her agenda.

    ·       I would like to encourage you to have an analog clock (non-digital) somewhere in your home.  The clock in our classroom is an analog, and the students need to be able to read this clock in order to leave and enter our classroom.  We will work on this skill.

    ·       Now is the time to be practicing multiplication facts.  The students will be expected to know their facts.  It is a necessary skill for fourth grade math.


    Classroom Wish List


    Antibacterial Wipes