• School Supplies  

    Mrs. Eck'Art's and Mrs. Simon's Supply List 2019-2020
    *Please do NOT bring binders or large pencil cases...they will not fit in the desks!!  

    For school:

    *A total of 5 notebooks OR composition books or a mix if you'd like!
    *Extra Pencils
    *(5)-2 pocket folders
     *Extra erasers
    *A pair of black cotton gloves to use as dry erase board erasers
    *Post-it Notes
    *Headphones to plug into the Chromebook 
    For home:
    (Try to keep the following items at home, they will come in handy)
    Dictionary/Thesaurus (of course these can be used right on the computer now, but the children still need the skill of looking up words  in the actual book!) Please don't stop working during the summer! 
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