For the 2021 -2022 School Year the 5th and 6th graders are challenged to design

    and then create some of the following pieces of technology

    * Technology with a name on it      .

                                 * Stained Glass Frames            . .
                                 * Technology that can be used to organize - like a pencil holder  .  
                                                                            phone holder or even a piggy bank      . 
                           * How about something printed with multiple filament colors  .
                                                                                              or a cute platypus .
                            * Something with both 3D & non 3D parts   Bunny Cork Pet       turkey
    * Board Game (5th Grade)
    * H2O to Go - A type of vehicle that
                  can hold water yet race around
           a track (6th graders)
    Check out some of the items created and printed from prior years!  Nametags, phone holders, organizers, and even a maze.  
       .        .          .      
    One of their assignments was to design something that they could sell to raise money for a charity or their favorite cause.  These are some of the items they designed and created
    .  Every Penny Counts Cancer Research Boy Scouts
    They were also able to design and create "technology" that could help someone or create some type of puzzle or maze.
           Pill Box Essential Oil Holder Game