Mrs. Brady's Suggested Supply List for the 2022-2023 School Year Back to School

    The district will provide the essential supplies that your child will need during the school year. 
    The items listed below are additional items that will be used in our class.
    3C Supply List
     Pack of markers
    1 pair of scissors
    4 pack of glue sticks
    Crayons  (24 pack)
    4 Composition Notebooks (NOT SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS)
    3 Plastic Folders
    Headphones or earbuds to plug into chromebooks
    Computer Mouse (wired or wireless)
    Draw String Backpack: Click Here for example 
    **No Pencil Cases Please-they are too big to fit in our desk :)
    Classroom Wishlist
    Disinfecting wipes
    Hand Sanitizer
    Soft Tissues
    Paper Towels
    Ziplock bags: Both Gallon and sandwich sized