Topics of Study 
    Curiosity, Discovery, Confidence
    It is important to empower children and prepare them to be able to utilize their problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.
    Being exposed to the Engineering Design Process and thinking like an engineer is a major part of both the 3rd and 4th grade curriculum.  That thought process is then carried on in the projects that we complete in 5th and 6th grade also.
    Click on the strand of engineering below to read more about
    what those engineers are currently working on in the real world.
       3rd Grade
    Designing Windmills - Mechanical Engineering
    Designing Solar Ovens - Green Engineering
    Computer Science - Coding with Sphero
    4th Grade 
    Cleaning an Oil Spill - Environmental Engineering
    Designing Parachutes - Aerospace Engineering
    3D Printing
    5th and 6th Grade
    Understanding by Design - Students will work towards creating
    solutions to real world problems by explaining, interpretting, applying,
    shifting their perspective, empathizing, and self assessing.
     3D Printing - 3D printing video