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    Topics of Study 

    Math (enVision): 

    Topic 1 Generalize Place Value Understanding
    Topic 2 Fluently Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
    Topic 3 Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers
    Topic 4 Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers
    Topic 5 Use Strategies and Properties to Divide by 1-Digit Numbers
    Topic 6 Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems
    Topic 7 Factors and Multiples
    Topic 8 Extend Understanding of Fraction Equivalence and Ordering
    Topic 9 Understand Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
    Topic 10 Extend Multiplication Concepts to Fractions
    Topic 11 Represent and Interpret Data on Line Plots
    Topic 12 Understand and Compare Decimals
    Topic 13 Measurement: Find Equivalence in Units of Measure
    Topic 14 Algebra: Generate and Analyze Patterns
    Topic 15 Geometric Measurement: Understanding Concepts of Angles and Angle Measurement
    Topic 16 Lines, Angles, and Shapes

    Reader's Workshop:

    Units of Study:

    • Launching Reader's Workshop
    • Fiction
    • Nonfiction
    • Science: Roles of Plants and Animals in Ecosystems

    Writer's Workshop:

    Units of Study:

    • Launching- How Writer Works
    • Cynthia Rylant Author Study (Narrative)
    • Nonfiction (Informational)
    • Feature Article with Editorial (Informational/Explanatory and Opinion)

    Social Studies:

    Unit1: U.S. Government/ Citizenship
    Unit 2: Geography, People and Environment
    Unit 3: Innovation and Technology 
    Unit 4: Culture and Perspectives

    Unit 1: Energy

    Unit 2:  Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

    Unit 3: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes 

    Unit 4: Earth's Systems, Place in the Universe, and Human Activity