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    4G Suggested School Supplies for the 2020-2021 school year

      The district will provide the essential supplies that your child will need during the school year.

    The items listed below are additional items that may be used in our class during the school year, but are not required items.

    3 plastic folders


    2 Highlighters

    2 Black Sharpie Markers

    2 packs of Post-Its to start the year

    3 Marble Notebooks

    2 Glue Sticks

    A pencil pouch, please do not purchase a box as they do not fit in their desks.

     (Optional) Headphones or ear buds for Chromebooks. 

    Supplies to keep at home: ruler, protractor, multiplication flash cards, and chapter books.

    Please do not send in extra supplies not listed as there is limited space.  Thank you!

    Please come to 4th grade with the multiplication facts memorized! You need them for math all year.


    -Class Wish List- 

    Lysol Wipes


    Hand Sanitizer