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  • COVID -19 Information for Parents

    During the hours of 8am - 3pm I will be available by email to answer questions or provide feedback. My email address is listed below. Please also note the resources below for your review that may help you assist your child during the remote learning time period. Please check my website periodically for any additional updated information.


    Talking to Children about COVID-19: A Parent Resource:

    https://Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource


    Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus


    Some thoughts on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    The circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus is something that is unique and stressful. To help cope with our current situation, reflecting upon how we previously coped with high levels of anxiety, worry, and stress can be helpful. Although the current circumstances are extremely different, reflecting upon our own experiences can help us remain positive for our own overall well-being and to help us maintain the energy needed to best help our children.

    Some of the things we can do to help ourselves and our children during this time period may include:

    ·        Exercise.

    ·        Play games.

    ·        Color.

    ·        Paint.

    ·        Drawing.

    ·        Listen to calming music.

    ·        Writing/Journaling- this can be helpful to release feelings and also serves as a good reminder in the future to reflect upon how we coped with stressful situations.

    ·        Monitor and limit our social media usage- It is helpful to stay informed. However, placing limits on monitoring news and social media can help reduce levels of stress.

    ·        Listen and acknowledge to our children’s feelings and questions.

    ·        Practice breathing exercises-  Please ask your child about “starfish” breathing which is something that has been taught during class lessons.

    ·        Get outside.

    ·        Take a walk.

    ·        Try to accept that we cannot control all circumstances. Trying to control things outside of our control can lead to more stress.

    ·        Maintain a positive mindset.

    ·        Have phone conversations with friends and family.

    ·        Use aromatherapy.

    ·        Using our imagination-  thinking of our happy or calming place can provide us a timeout from what we are experiencing.

    ·        Read a book.

    ·        Gardening.


    Hoping that some of the above ideas may be helpful. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to share what is helping your child.




    Scott Entrikin, School Counselor

    Ocean Acres Elementary School