• Directions: Play a game of bingo. Choose 4 "Who" questions that are in a horizontal line, column, or diagonal line. Answer those 4 questions correctly in order to win bingo. For an extra challenge, choose two occupations and discuss 2 ways that they are the same and 2 ways that they are different. Remember, we answer a "Who" question with a person. 



    Occupation Bingo

    Who flies an airplane?

    Who plants fruits and vegetables on a farm?

    Who bakes goodies in a bakery?

    Who keeps you safe in your community?

    Who cooks food in a restaurant?

    Who drives a school bus?

    Who reports the weather?

    Who drives a taxi?

    Who teaches you how to read and spell?

    Who gives you medicine when you are sick?

    Who teaches you good speech and language skills?

    Who puts out fires?

    Who fixes broken cars?

    Who works in a zoo and takes care of zoo animals?

    Who plays basketball?

    Who works at the cash register in a store?