• Auditory Memory Task


    Read the following sentences to your child. Each sentence will involve listening to key words. After you read each sentence aloud, ask your child to answer the question that follows. Use visual imagery (thinking of pictures/objects) to help with remembering key words. 


    1. Rachel has a hammer, a drum, and a guitar. What musical instruments did I say?

    2. On Tuesday, Jake went to swimming lessons with his friend Steve. What day of the week did I say?

    3. Samantha ate a donut on her couch while she watched the new Frozen movie. What furniture did I say?

    4. Clay wore his new blue shirt when he played football in his driveway on Tuesday. What sport did I say?

    5. Last week, April drove her black jeep to the movies. What color did I say?

    6. On a rainy day, Michael played Candy Land and Uno with his sister. What games did I say?

    7. Tony stopped at the store for toothpaste, oranges and bread. What fruit did I say?

    8. Stacey bought new sneakers and a red and white striped sweatshirt at the mall. What clothing did I say?

    9. On the way to the zoo, Lisa passed a museum and the campground. What places did I say?

    10. John went snorkeling on vacation and saw a stingray and a puffer fish. What sea animals did I say?