• Hi boys and girls. Below is a phonological awareness task that will help with listening to words, recognizing word parts, and deleting word parts from compound words. 


    Directions: Parents and caregivers please read each statement below. Pause after reading each item and wait for your child's response. I will highlight the answers in orange. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!


    1. The word is mailman. Say mailman (pause). Now say mailman again without saying man. mail

    2. The word is snowflake. Say snowflake (pause). Now say snowflake again without saying flake. snow

    3. The word is butterfly. Say butterfly (pause). Now say butterfly again without saying butter. fly

    4. The word is sailboat. Say sailboat (pause). Now say sailboat again without saying boat. sail

    5. The word is pancake. Say pancake (pause). Now say pancake again without saying pan. cake

    6. The word is sunshine. Say sunshine (pause). Now say sunshine again without saying shine. sun

    7. The word is airport. Say airport (pause). Now say airport again without saying air. port

    8. The word is footprint. Say footprint (pause). Now say footprint again without saying foot. print

    9. The word is earthworm. Say earthworm (pause). Now say earthworm again without saying worm. earth

    10. The word is backpack. Say backpack (pause). Now say backpack again without saying back. pack